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True Colors - Prologue: 3-4 END by KAT-attack01
True Colors - Prologue: 3-4 END
Note: This Prologue is just a Headcannon and may not have a connection to the real story
Note 2: This comic is not a Nuzlocke, it is a creative challenge

        Prologue 1-2: True Colors - Prologue : 1-2
(Coming soon)
        Page 1: (Coming soon)

True Colors

Leonardo had a good life as a child, but when an age old secret rises up, Leon gets into some unfortunate trouble... causing him to make some poor life decisions and ultimately disappear for a few years. 
Now 19, Leonardo returns home to tell his family what happened during his absents, and that he must leave once more to possibly stop the end of the Hoenn region as they know it.

This is a fan comic written and drawn by me using original characters and also Nintendo characters. I am not being paid to do this so please support!

I hope you like it :3
BRR - The Torkoal named Noel by KAT-attack01
BRR - The Torkoal named Noel

A comic about why Jacob named his Torkoal Noel after his father. 
And this time, im ready for the fan girling over Noel's adorableness :3


16 deviations
BRR - Jacob Pain by KAT-attack01
BRR - Jacob Pain

:bulletred: Name:
Jacob Pain - Nickname: JP
:bulletgreen: Age: 22
:bulletred: Birthdate: July 24 - Leo
:bulletgreen: Gender: Male
:bulletred: Hometown: Scorpion's Pit, Borealis 
:bulletgreen: Occupation: Blacksmith
:bulletred: Type of Trainer: New
:bulletgreen: Favorite Type: Fire
:bulletred: Least Favorite Type: Ghost

:bulletgreen: Personality: +Hardworking : +Docile : +Calm : Obedient : Quiet : Eager : -Fear of water -Pneumatophobia (fear of ghosts)

Jacob has always been a hardworking boy with a dream to leave his hometown and journey the world. He's a people pleaser, always doing his best to ensure others are happy, sometimes at the cost of some of his happiness. None the less, Jacob knows how to make the most out of a bad situation and always tries to do his best in everything he does.
Moderately intelligent and stronger than a tauros, Jacob can do just about anything, but his obedient ways and quiet tendencies often get him into awkward situations.

:bulletred: History: Jacob was born and raised in the Scorpion's pit by Noel and Lela Pain along side his brothers. His older brother, Jeffery, became a nurse and does field work in the mines, helping to rescue and help miners who are injured on the job. Their younger brother, Micheal, is now twelve, and is still in school. Jacob's father was the tireless town blacksmith who worked every day and pinched every penny. He was hard on his children and expected only the greatest out of them; creating different outlooks and paths for his children. Jeffery became the family rebel, and left the home at the age of fifteen to pursue his dream of being a nurse; Jacob becoming the family mule, always doing as he's told and never questioning his father's authority; and Micheal becoming the only one who enjoyed an okay childhood, getting straight A's and almost always getting what he wanted. All had a different way of looking at the world, and each of them had a different ambition. Jacob wanted to leave his home and journey all over the world, but he kept his dream to himself, fearing his father's disappointment.
Then, one day, a fire started in the workshop with Jacob and his father inside. The event not only badly burned Jacob's right leg, but it also killed his father. The horrific event destroyed the workshop and crushed the family. They felt as if the volcano itself was in shock at the events that occurred in the Pain household that day.
After Noel's death, Jeffery took time off work to help rebuild the workshop with Jacob. Jacob was to take over as the new towns blacksmith, but when the funeral was held for their father, Jacob's Uncle came forth with Noel's Will, which gave the workshop to Lela and a hefty sum of money to each of his sons. It was then that Jacob decided that it was time for him to fallow his dream. With his father's money and some help from his Uncle, who specialized in long distance transportation all over the Borealis Region, Jacob traveled to Situla town to hopefully begin his adventure.  

Inventory: (nothing...yet)
:bulletred: Extra:  
                    -His fear of ghosts comes from his fathers tales of miners who were stolen and                         taken to the pit of the volcano by evil sableye
                    -Jacob never learned how to swim, so he fears any water deeper than his knees
                    -Locals believe that the fire was caused by Noel never upgrading the workshop                         and refusing to put in more extinguishers
                    -Loves Lava Cookies
                    -His burnt leg leaves him with a nasty limp that isn't apparent unless he's been                         walking for a long time
                     -Doesn't have much experience when it comes to battling, but is willing to learn
                     -It has been three years since Noel's death
                     -Left handed
Personal Notes:
-His occupation and overall look was inspired by the Blacksmith X and Y Pokemon Card
-Jacob's skin, hair, and eye color are Tiana's (Princess and the Frog) base colors


“So your favorite type is Fire? How vivid! You’ve definitely got a bright personality! Kind-hearted and caring, you always do your best to ensure the happiness of others. Just be sure not to let that compromise your own path to a cheery future! With the guidance of the stars, I believe Torkoal is the best partner for you! I hope you two have a long lasting companionship!”

 :bulletred:    Nickname: Noel
        Gender: Male
        Species: Torkoal
        Nature: Jolly
        Characteristic: Impetuous and silly
        OT: Prof. Larix
        Ability: White Smoke
        Moves: Yawn / Ember / Smog / Protect

Young and full of energy, Noel tries to be more of a bouncy Growlithe than a Torkoal. But his heavy shell and flat feet wont stop him from doing what he wants! Either it be running at a solid 10 mph or taking on an overpowered water type, Noel will always have a smile on his face.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Kas and this is my DA.
I draw a TON of pokemon and do take requests! Feel free to ask me anything!

My Youtube:…
My Twitter: @FabulousKas

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