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Apollo : R3 - Epilogue by KAT-attack01
Apollo : R3 - Epilogue

It's time I move on from my troubling past and get back into what I know best! It's time I return to battling. I'll learn from my mistakes and do better this time! 

We will train, we will conquer, and when I come back I may be unrecognizable. Look out Ohana! I'm ready to take you on!
... Uh... Where's my hair straighter?

Left ArrowPre- Next Right Arrow 
        Arrow left ARCHIVEArrow right

Little "goodbye" present for all my buddies back at Apollo. This is the afternoon after Jacob's defeat in Gleaming-Hope's entry: Apollo R3
I want to let everyone know that I'm super okay with losing to Gleaming-Hope. They're entry was 100x better than mine and they portrayed Jacob so well. I've learned a lot from their entry and hopefully we'll get to see eachother again (good luck against you husbando, Daven!)

With Year3 Opening up in the Ohana Islands-Battle Frontier I figured that Jacob would expand his horizons, train for the rest of the year after his loss back home until the Battle-Frontier started again. We'll see if we get in (if not, I will AGAIN repurpose Jacob cuz he's precious!) 

I would like to apologize for using the reference pics as drawn by Tazsaints. I was not aware that it was not allowed and it will not happen again. Thank you for the warning Gleaming-Hope. I have since changed the Flyer for Ohana to a Poster from early Year 1 or 2.

anyway, thank you everyone for your support and love of my comics, I hope to draw more of Jacob in the future! Heart 
Pokemon :: FINAL VOTE ((PLEASE vote)) by KAT-attack01
Pokemon :: FINAL VOTE ((PLEASE vote))

Color Changing Pokeball Avatar  Attention Pokemon Lovers! Color Changing Pokeball Avatar 

Vote on 3 of the mon's above, you may vote on as many as three. ANYONE CAN VOTE! If you voted on the original, YOU CAN VOTE AGAIN!! 

First of all I would like to thank EVERYONE for voting on the original piece! These are the unanimous votes from the original. The top voted 'mons: Noel, Veo, Belle, and IronHide all received 3 votes. Runner-ups: Noop, Pyro, Robin, Trixey, Cupcake, Jacket, and Civil all received two votes. Lumpy, coming up on the most votes, got 5. Wild Cards Cinder and Lucifer both received a single vote, however, I personally really like them :3



Please, if you could please vote on 3 of the pokemon from the drawing. 

If you find you like more than 3, please vote on as many as 5 but please no more than that

The results will be Posted with a new surprise application coming soon :3

PLEASE DO VOTE! It would mean a lot to me if you voted for even one 'mon Sad dummy 

Origonal version can be found HERE:

So, if you like the design, VOTE!!


Bullet; Red Females are: Cinder, Robin, Veo, Trixey, Cupcake, and Belle (the rest are males)
Bullet; Red Cinder, Lucifer, Cupcake, and Belle all have MegaStones

If you have ANY questions about any of the characters personality or even move pool wise please let me know!

Thank you!I Love You Emote 

Art/Characters @ :iconkat-attack01:

Pokemon @ Nintendo
HL :: Will Neary App by KAT-attack01
HL :: Will Neary App


Bullet; Yellow
 Name: William "Will" Neary #547 Whimsicott 
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Age: 26
Bullet; Yellow Gender: Male
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Pokemon: Whimsicott
Bullet; Yellow Height: 6'2"
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Bodystyle: Athletic 
Bullet; Yellow Birthday: October 7th
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Ability: Chlorophyll
Bullet; Yellow Moveset: Growth / Sunny Day / Solar Beam / Moonblast
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Home Island: Affection Atoll
Bullet; Yellow Job: Rancher
   Ranch Name: Cottontail Ranch

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Personality: 
                     Blue Bullet Quick Guide:
                                    (+Calm)(+Polite)(+Hard Working)(+Responsible)
                                    (Old fashioned)(Simple)(Basic Education)

Will has always been one to love anyone and everyone, being kind to all he meets and helping as much as he can with every problem. Will takes pride in his work and respects everyone equally. Always one to take life one step at a time, Will has always been one to find friends in the weirdest of places.
His only problem is finding friends in the first place. First impressions are not Will's friend when it comes to making friends. He more often then not will be to nervous and scared of the person in contact to actually get to know them. It may take multiple meetings with Will to even get his name! However, it's not impossible to be Will's friend. Festivals and events are some of the only times when he comes out of his delicate shell and goes out to have a good time, getting to know and befriending as many people as possible. 

Bullet; Yellow History:

    Little Will was born in Floaroma Town to loving mother Nia and hard working father Daniel. Daniel was an old fashioned Mareep herder, taking his herd from their hut in the Floaroma Fields to feed in the winter, up into the rocky hills of Mt. Coronet in the summer, and landing in Hearthome City every now and then to sell his wool and buy supplies. It was a hard life on the Neary's, but it was one they loved.
    Despite the hardships, the two still wanted children, certain their child would one day inherit the heard and continue the old ways of the Neary's. For years, Daniel and Nia tried to have the children they had dreamed of, but to no avail. The two started to grow old and they feared that their dreams of being parents may never be. But as Nia started to experience rapid weight gain and a strange appetite for grilled potatoes, the two went into the Hearthome Hospital to see what might be wrong and they were overjoyed to find that Nia was pregnant with a child! The two still saw it as a miracle from Arceus, and left for Floaroma as soon as they could, preparing their hut for the newest edition. With a midwife on standby and many wool blankets prepared, William was born that cold morning in early October, healthy and happy.
    Will grew up traveling with his parents. Going up and down the mountain never seemed to bring him down and while he longed to go to school and enjoy a life like other children, he always came back from his fantasies to help his father sheer the Mareep. With his mother's gentle hand and father's work worn fingers, Will grew to be a boy who loved the world and all creatures that lived in it. Will was always trying to please his father (which wasn't hard) and did his best to help his mother in everything she did. 
    As he aged, Will began to expand his horizons a bit, trying to get to know people best he could, but his little communication with people outside of his parents lead to some less than favorable encounters. He backed down from his wish to make friends for a while until he started to form crushes on some of the vendors in Hearthome. He wanted to go out and have a family of his own, maybe settle down somewhere stationary for a while, just to see how things went. Eventually he told his parents what he wanted. They both agreed that the best place to go would be an community. A place where everybody knows everybody. For a while, they looked around for places Will could go and eventually another Mareep herder in Hearthome told them of an island community that accepted anyone from anywhere! 
    And so, Will sent in an application to the islands, hoping, just hoping, that he could live there.
   NEW Yellow Square Bullet Will has lived on Cottontail Ranch for almost a year now, and has since made quite a few friends! With a growing Mareep herd, a cute little puppy, and his trusty pal Donut, Will is ready to go beyond his previous bounds and try something new for a change. Who knows what will happen this year for our fuzzy little friend! New pokemon, new friends, and a whole new world await little plum Will Neary!

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Family Tree:

#460 Abomasnow  
Daniel Neary - Abomasnow
                        |------------------------  #547 Whimsicott  William Neary - Whimsicott

 #547 Whimsicott Nia Neary - Whimsicott*

Bullet; Yellow Talents:
-Can breath perfectly fine at higher altitudes
    -Very Athletic!!! (don't challenge him to a race!)
    -Strong too! He's been able to carry up to three Mareep up the side of a MT. Coronet!
    -Very good with Pokemon, even feral ones

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Fun Facts:
-Has a high level of respect for other Ranchers
    -Can swim, but isn't the best at it (the one thing you can beat him at!)
    -LOVES festivals, events, and all sorts of fancy things that allow all sorts of 'mons to get  together!
    -His horns are real, but aren't that sharp, so you don't have to worry about them unless you purposely ram yourself into his head!
    -Only the left side of his head is shaved
    -No more ponytail for Will, just a half shaven head :3

Little Pixel Heart Courtship!

Sexuality: Gay

salmon heart bullet  Loves: Soft things, Festivities, little 'mons, lots of color/rainbows 

blue heart bullet  Likes: Slow songs, grass, stripes, homemade cooking

orange heart bullet  Respects: Ranchers, handmade goods, home-cooked meals, gardens

red heart bullet  Dislikes: Spicy food, Sleeping in, loud things in a quiet room

Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line


Litleo Emote

Paw Bullet (Dull Pink) - F2U! Dog/Cat Race: Litleo
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Cat's name: Donut
Paw Bullet (Dull Pink) - F2U! Cat's Personality: Lax - Loves to eat : Donut is a very fat, very happy Litleo who cannot and will probably never stop eating whatever he can find. Easy to please and easy to love, Donut is just a fat cat with a passion for food. 

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Pet's Talents: 
-Iron stomach; can eat just about anything that could be perceived as food
-Despite his weight, Donut is able to catch the vermin rat Pokemon that like to infiltrate the ranch
-Gets along well with other 'mons, just don't touch his food or you might loose a hand!

Paw Bullet (Dull Pink) - F2U! Pet's history:
Will's "Cotton Tail Ranch" was owned by a previous rancher, but was put up for sale for unknown reasons. The owner left a giant supply of lava cookies and a very hungry Litleo kitten! By the time Will finally got the place, all the lava cookies were gone and the little Litleo was still very hungry. After feeding the little one a few sandwiches, the two are now inseparable, little Donut fallowing Will wherever he goes, whether he will have food or not. A joy to have wherever he goes, Donut is sure to be the talk of the town soon enough!

#133 Eevee 

Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Dog/Cat Race: Eevee
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Dog's name: Cookie Dough
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Cat's Personality: Serious - Quick Tempered : Cookie Dough is one tough nugget with claws of steel. While mean at times, Cookie Dough is loyal to a fault, fallowing Will's beck and call.

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Pet's Talents: 
- Agile out the wazzoo! He's a master of the serpentine dodge and can be there one moment and then gone the next
-Stubborn when it comes to training, but has a good memory and will fallow the learned command without fail
-Has a soft spot for shyer pokemon and will protect the innocent in a heart beat

Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Pet's history:
Seeing how Cookie Dough is a specialized breed of Eevee, Will believes that he either washed up into the cave, or was released by his previous trainer. None the less, Cookie Dough was able to survive quite well in the caves, and while he tends to fend for himself, C.D. is a sucker for "Bouffalant Dog Food". 

Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line  Hearts - line Hearts - line

Ranch Animals

Mareep Creme

Mareep Cocoa

Mareep Candy

Skiddo Emote  Sour

Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line Hearts - line  Hearts - line Hearts - line

Star!  Changes to new app:

    -Will has gotten a bit of a hair cut! No more ponytail for little ol Will
    -Color picker to make it easier for people (including myself) to use the colors

Will -   me
Pokemon/Harvest Moon (c) Nintendo

Old App:

Blank APP:


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Kas and this is my DA.
I draw a TON of pokemon and do take requests! Feel free to ask me anything!

My Youtube:…
My Twitter: @FabulousKas

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