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NENMC- Band Shirt- Valkhirom by KAT-attack01
NENMC- Band Shirt- Valkhirom
Might have gone a little overboard with this one O.o

I made 2 different shirt types cuz i wanted to :P


Contest: Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke Mini-Contest! 
StM :: Quincy Muntmacher by KAT-attack01
StM :: Quincy Muntmacher


Quincy Conway Muntmacher

:bulletwhite:Age: 14        Birthday: May 6th

:bulletred:Gender: Male

:bulletwhite:Pokemon: Heatmor* #631

:bulletred:Ability: Flash Fire

:bulletwhite:Nature: Bashful – Scatters things often

:bulletred:Type: Fire

:bulletwhite:Level: 31

:bulletred:Height: 5’4”

               :bulletblack: In chair: 4’

:bulletwhite:Weight: 127.9 lbs


         -    Heat Wave

         ·    Protect

         ·    Toxic

         o   Tackle

         o   Lick

         o   Fury Swipes

         o   Fire Spin

         o   Flame Burst

Hometown: Opelucid City


                (+) Calm (+) Faithful (+) Disciplined (+) Loyal (+) Kind (+) Orderly (+) Active

                ( = ) Formal ( = ) Mellow ( = ) Soft

                (-) Clumsy (-) Delicate (-) Secretive (-) Shy (-) Gullible (-) Paranoid (-) Timid

                Quincy didn’t grow up with a lot of people in his life outside of his extended family. Being homeschooled, Quincy played sports at his local church, but was often benched due to his handicap. This created a poor image for Quincy, making him a very secretive and shy child. It wasn’t until he got his dog Bixby that he started to come out of his shell. He became more willing to converse and grew to enjoy the simple things in life, but he’s still sensitive towards teasing.  Still, Quincy grew to appreciate his few friends and while he’ll always fall for the pranks they pull, he knows that it’s all in good fun. Quincy is respectful towards his superiors and his peers, likes to keep all his things organized, and while he can get flustered and has a problem picking up the things he drops, Quincy is a loving character.



                Quincy was born with a leg bone deformity due to the genetics that allowed him to also be born a shiny.  At the time, his parents did not have the money to fix his deformed legs so they prepared to raise a child who would be unable to walk. When Quincy turned seven his father got a new job as a Pharmacist at the same time Quincy’s grandfather (who he got his middle name from) died, leaving the family with enough money to live comfortably and get Quincy a respectable wheelchair. It was too late to do the surgery that could fix Quincy’s legs and allow him to walk, so his parents enrolled him in the Churches sport program to allow Quincy to feel more empowered over his disability. He played basketball and tennis with the other children and made some good friends. While he was benched almost 80% of the time in basketball, Quincy was able to excel in tennis. Quincy was homeschooled by his mother because his grandmother (on his mother’s side) requested so.

                The family would have large get-togethers every year to see each other for the holidays. It was these events were the only times that Quincy got to be himself. His cousins tried their hardest to include Quincy in everything, allowing him to use a hockey stick in soccer and playing darts instead of football. The family tried their hardest to treat Quincy like the other kids, but they always found themselves giving him extra special gifts and switching contently from giving him too much attention to too little. This helped Quincy make some really strong bonds with his extended family and contributed to him finally being more open to making new friends.

                When Quincy turned 12 his parents finally got him something he’s always wanted, a pet. They finally decided on a therapy dog to hopefully help Quincy break the ice with ‘mons that would otherwise avoid him due to his disability. Bixby did just that, immensely helping Quincy with his solitary tendencies and now the two are inseparable.

                Now 14, Quincy’s parents have enrolled him into St. Mortiel Academy to help him get a better education than his mother can give and hopefully meet a more diverse range of ‘mons. It may be rough journey, but Quincy is ready for a new start.


:bulletred:Schedule:   1st Grade

                       Algebra 1

                       Biology 1

                       Ancient World History

                       Spanish 1

                       Reading Skills

                       Art 1

                       P.E. and Health 1

                       Religious Studies



:bulletwhite:Extra-Curricular Activities:

                       Track and Field

-Has a standard wheelchair for going about school and a lightweight wheelchair for sports

-Bixby is a 3 year old Lilipup

-Has a bit of a sweet tooth (?Anteaters don’t have teeth?)

-His eyesight has nothing to do with being shiny or with his legs, his father just passed on the gene of not having 20/20 vision

-Quincy’s favorite color is actually blue

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Kas and this is my DA.
I draw a TON of pokemon and do take requests! Feel free to ask me anything!

My Youtube:…
My Twitter: @FabulousKas

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