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PKMNSkies - Cheeks by KAT-attack01
PKMNSkies - Cheeks
due to the fact that there is already a Shiny Dedenne in the town, Chuck will not be moving in. But old friend of mine Cheeks here will :D


Red Square Bullet NAME: Cherl Copelan
Silver Square Bullet NICKNAME: Cheeks
Red Square Bullet AGE: 26
Silver Square Bullet GENDER: Female
Red Square Bullet SPECIES: #553 Krookodile

Silver Square Bullet HOME TOWN: Lavaridge Town (ORAS Hoenn)
Red Square Bullet BIRTHDAY: August 17th

Silver Square Bullet NATURE: Brave
Red Square Bullet CHARACTERISTIC: Proud of Power

Silver Square Bullet ABILITY: Moxie
Red Square Bullet MOVESET: Outrage / Foul Play / Fire FangEGG / Thunder FangEGG


Silver Square Bullet Personality:

:+fav: revamp  [+fearless] [+easy-going] [+hard-working] [+generous] [self-disciplined]

:-fav:     [-aggressive] [-impulsive] [-impatient] [-stubborn]

Cheeks has always been top of the food chain; one to never back down and to always come out on top. Cheeks is the kind of gal who needs results when it comes to just about anything, but she's impatient when it comes to getting the results. Having been known to run into situations without a second thought, Cheeks's bravery can either be her saving grace or her undoing. 
On the other hand, Cheeks is surprisingly easy-going and generous. She fits into conversation quite naturally and has always had a love for helping others. While her stubbornness has often gotten her into some interesting arguments, she's not one to hold a grudge. 
Well built and disciplined, Cheeks is a one woman army with the fangs to prove it. You don't want to mess with her in a fight, but she makes a good friend once you get to know her. 

Red Square Bullet  History: 

Cheeks's mother died when she was only a few years old, leaving her to be raised by her father, an Arcanine by the name of Cody. After the death of Cheek's mother, Cody went into a short depression, broken by the responsibility of raising Cheeks. He grew to be a very supportive father, letting her do as she pleased. If Cheeks wanted to learn how to fish, Cody would take her to the lake with his old fishing gear and fish, leaving only when Cheeks wanted to leave, whether they'd caught anything or not. 
Cheek's world turned upside down when she started school tho. The very world didn't seem to revolve around her anymore and, at first, no one called her by the nickname Cody had given her. School was like an alien planet to her and she didn't like it for a long time. Her grades did fine, she was okay with learning, but the children that were in her class were always such strangers to her. The class clowns who got all the attention, the slower kids who needed help understanding the lesson, the loud girls who talked about flowers and dresses, the hard workers who did nothing but homework, all this was just too much for her. She played alone during recess for a long time and it wasn't until the school required the children to play soccer that she started to gain a passion for sports. She started playing basketball with the boys, who, at first, detested the idea of playing with a girl, however, she was so good that she became the player that people would flip Cassie Cookie Arcade tokens for her.
As she aged, her love for sports grew and her badass nature never quite faded away. She began to pursue competitive battling in High School and won award after award. Cheeks was even given the title of "Strongest Pokemon Today" by Season Magazine! However, her aging father became very sick after she graduated. He died a year later, forcing her to pause her battling career. Much like it did her father, depression hit her hard in the face. For years she struggled to get out and possibly restart her career in battling but struggled to even get into the training hall. Eventually her coach told her to take a break, maybe rethink competitive battling. So, with few options, Cheeks decided to move away from her life long home in Hoenn to somewhere a bit more humble, even just for a little while. 


Silver Square Bullet Height: 6'2"
Red Square Bullet Weight: 285lbs

Silver Square Bullet HOBBIES:
 Any and all sports, fishing, fighting
Red Square Bullet FAVORITE FOOD: Mashed Potatos
Silver Square Bullet FAVORITE BERRY: Nomel Berry
Red Square Bullet Dream Job: Nothing right now...
            Bullet; Black Cheeks originally was one of my mains in my original play-through of                                     Pokemon Black. I erased her save later, however, so she no longer exists in game.
            Bullet; Black Cheeks was incredibly close to her father and the two actually had a lot in common
Cuck by KAT-attack01


:bulletbrown:  NAME: Chuck Baron
Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U!  AGE: 23
:bulletbrown:  GENDER: Male
Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U!  SPECIES: #702 Dedenne*

:bulletbrown:  HOME TOWN: Ambrette Town (Kalos)
Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U!  BIRTHDAY: Febuary 12th

:bulletbrown:  NATURE Rash
Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U!  CHARACTERISTIC: Quick tempered

Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U! ABILITY: Cheek Pouch
:bulletbrown: MOVESET: Parabolic Charge / Play Rough / Thunder wave / Retaliate 

Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U! Personality:
[+ creative][+ daring][+ focused][+ loyal] [- blunt][- disrespectful][- moody]

Chuck has always been a victim of bad luck. Either it be by his troubled past or by life itself, luck just never seemed to work out for Chuck. So, he turned cruel and angry, trying his hardest to get rid of his horrible luck, but his poor attitude and rude nature often only brought him more misfortune. 
Despite this, he's actually a real sweet heart once you get to know him. He likes to keep to himself, but won't turn down a conversation with just about anyone, but its hard to not piss him off. One minute you'll be talking about cats and the next you'll have a face full of little hamster fist. Never the less, he's loyal to a fault. If you are able to work past the pissed off expression and annoyed temper tantrums, you'll have a friend for life. 

:bulletbrown: History: 

Chuck's past wasn't the best and the start of his infamous bad luck started with his birth. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father to raise him alone, but not for long. Already a struggling business man and with the addition of a very young child he couldn't keep up with bills and house payments, causing him to eventually go into foreclosure. So, he had no choice but to put Chuck into a foster home.
Chuck grew up bouncing around from foster home to foster home. He was constantly picked on and beaten up and while he tried to be a good boy, he couldn't help but from time to time fight back. He started to get good at retaliating from attacks but he often got in the most trouble for the fights because of him being younger than his attackers and the fact that his retaliations were often worse than the actual attack. 
Once he turned eighteen, Chuck was on his own and he decided to travel Kalos for a time, but his luck just didn't seem to get better. He got into even more trouble and had trouble finding a job. Eventually he figured he needed a new start. So Chuck moved to Skies to start over and hopefully find his luck.


Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U! Height: 3'5"
:bulletbrown: Weight: 43lbs

Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U! HOBBIES: Baking
:bulletbrown: FAVORITE FOOD: Brownies
Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U! FAVORITE BERRY: Sitrus Berry
:bulletbrown: Dream Job: A Baker of sorts



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Kas and this is my DA.
I draw a TON of pokemon and do take requests! Feel free to ask me anything!

My Youtube:…
My Twitter: @FabulousKas

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